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金錢世界 LIES by Ontroerend Goed & Hong Kong Arts Festival (Assistant Director)

12 - 24 Mar 2019 at F Hall Studio, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

fter its 2015 HKAF production Fight Night, Ontroerend Goed brings another entertaining interactive piece to Hong Kong.
Taste the heady atmosphere of trading markets, and feel the heat of money. In this thrilling game-inspired experience, you call the shots. Become part of the super-rich, the elite 1% who control the global economy. £¥€$ offers a captivating glimpse into the recesses of human behavior. It makes your heart beat faster and your head spin.
At a gaming table, directed by a croupier, you start your own bank. In this den of scheming and trading, it’s your adrenalin and investment decisions – not the roll of dice – that matter. There may be no time for ethics; you’re in to win. Things get complicated: you can up your risk, trade in debt, make mergers and acquisitions. How’s your credit rating? Who gets bailed out, who gets junk status, who implodes? Are you really in control or are you being played? 
£¥€$ lets you peek beyond the razzmatazz of high finance and into the inner sanctum of global monetary systems. In the process, you might even make the world a better place.
In this game-inspired production, experience a new edition of Ontroerend Goed’s award-winning breed of interactive theater with locally cast dealer-actors.

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