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馬克白 Macbeth by William Shakespeare (Assistant to Director)

2017-2019 in Shanghai, Wuhan, Taipei, Guang Zhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, The Globe Neuss Shakespeare Festival, Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw, Indijia

A modern couple makes a dream in which they enter into the universe of Macbeth in a buried past of ancient China, assuming the roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and encountering the different characters in the play. Upon on getting out of the dream where the dark side of humanity is experienced, the couple begins to contemplate their possible place in this contemporary realm of turbulence.

Inspired by the tradition of Asian physical theatre, this version of Macbeth transmits the spirit of the play through a succession of stylised images, where body expression, physical movements and live accompaniment expose the characters' relationship as well as the director's vision of time and space.

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